Susanna – Age 20 Technician

I'm learning quickly - I love the relaxed environment, and Sid has really customized the lessons to suit my goals exactly. Sid is teaching me what I want to learn to be able to perform live and he's making it interesting and fun so I don't get bored.  Sid instructs how me how to practice in  the lesson so I get home I can be sure I'm playing things right and it really takes the guesswork of what to work on. … [Read More...]

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Mariah – Age 14 Student

Sid is such a wonderful guitar  instructor- he obviously has great passion for teaching, and Sid always gives valuable feedback and tips that are extremely helpful to me. Sid really cares a lot about his students, and I am amazed at how quickly I have been able to learn to play the guitar thanks to his teaching. In just a few weeks I have learned to play several songs. I’m very happy that I’ve learned so much. FROM JOEY, PARENT: We were so fortunate to connect with Sid Bardfield for my … [Read More...]

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Daniel – Age 30 Electrician

Every guitar lesson I’ve had with Sid has been well planned.  They complement previous lessons, allowing me to build new skills so I’m able to use what I learn. During the lessons I learn real world guitar playing and skills that me help learn faster and play better. Sid is a guitar instructor that cares about each individual’s learning and will work with them to teach them in the areas they are interested in and guide them in what they need to know to improve each lesson. Sid’s lessons on … [Read More...]

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