Beginner Guitar Lessons in New Orleans

If you’re from 6 to 82, my oldest student, jump in and see how quickly you can start playing your favorite songs on guitar. We”ll start playing a song in the very first lesson. You’ll learn all the skills you need to play chords and strumming and with 15 minutes of practice per day you’ll see great progress week by week,

I’ve worked with hundreds of students of all ages in the New Orleans area and seen the vast majority of students get to much higher levels of playing then they thought they could ever attain. You’ll get my 100% attention each and every lesson to walk through every move step by step.

Each lesson is customized to your learning style to make learning faster and create a very comfortable environment. If you need help choosing a guitar I’ll be happy to discuss the options to help you get the best deal.

If you’re interested in beginner guitar lessons in the New Orleans I’d love to discuss any questions you have and get you started in this process of learning to play great guitar!