About Sid

me and my story

My number one mission is to help you play the songs you love with ease and confidence! If you want to learn how to play blues, rock, country or similar styles, I can help you. A lot of students come to me wanting to play their favorite songs, how to improvise or jam with other guitarists or they simply want to improve their skills. I’ve helped hundreds of students over the years achieve these goals and if you have similar goals I can help you too. In lessons, I focus on each individual student’s goals and needs.

My story

I’ve played in dance/cover bands for about 30 years and have had to learn so many styles of music and songs, from Frank Sinatra to ACDC. I’ll share all the knowledge and skills that I have so you can achieve all of your musical goals.
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You’ll learn how to play your favorite songs, we’ll work out the technique, any theory, exercises or drills or anything else you need to help you learn that song. Then we will work together on a plan to not only learn the song but master it.

Guitar lessons

Here are some things you can learn in guitar lessons with Sid:

  • How to play your favorite songs and style
  • How to jam and improvise solos
  • How the guitar fretboard really works so you can play what you want
  • Unlock the system of how music really works
About Sid Bardfield