If you wait to do guitar lessons, all that happens is you get older

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If you wait, all that happens is you get older. I’ve heard that said before and I believe it’s true. If you’ve thought about getting better on guitar and don’t make a plan, time just passes by. Over the years I’ve who were self taught, one student actually had been playing guitar for 16 years and started taking lessons and said he learned more in 6 months than in all those years.

If playing guitar is something you always desired to do, then you have to make a game plan, have a road map of the best method of learning how to play. It can be overwhelming with the choices of how to learn to play guitar.

Some people are trying online learning, videos, books but the problem is they are not interactive, they can’t correct mistakes or tell you the absolute best way to approach something. Most of the time you’re shown something and if you can’t do it then you feel stuck and most people give up and figure it’s not for them.

They also can’t give you a specific detailed practice method for the thing you are trying to learn how to play that will work for you. You don’t really know what it is you have to know. You don’t know if a person is a great guitar teacher, a good teacher, mediocre teacher or flat out bad and you’re wasting your money usually until it’s too late.

Check out my blog on How to Find a Good Guitar Teacher to help you understand what a good guitar teacher should be doing. Having to sit in a room with someone you really don’t know yet and have faith they will be able to help you achieve your goals can be pretty scary.

Then having to play guitar in front of them on the spot sometimes is no less anxiety producing. Once you know what constitutes a good teacher seek one out, interview teachers and if one teacher is $25 an hour and another teacher is $45 an hour try to find out why they charge more. I have many students that would support what I’m going to say that you could spend 2 years of guitar lessons at $25 an hour, over $2500 and not learn how to play. It’s about getting the result you’re looking for.

I explain to my students the methods I use and all the extras after 30 years of stage and studio experience which I can use to help them play guitar faster and better in a short time! I have many students who spent money on guitar lessons for 1, 2 and 3 years and still couldn’t play a song all the way through or their timing was bad and many other issues.

That’s where a good teacher can save you money. I’ve had students come in with issues they’ve had for a long time and solve it in one training session. Then we’re able to move on to really learning how to play the guitar like it was meant to be played. If you’ve been considering taking guitar lessons and are looking for a patient, fun, creative and organized way to learn guitar I would be glad to help you. I do private lessons out of my home or Skype lessons are available too. Don’t waste time, don’t waste money. We don’t get them back.

Keep playing and have fun,