Lesson Benefits

Play your favorite songs

If you are just starting out or been playing for a while, start learning how to play the songs you love for family and friends and some of my students even perform in bands and other events.

Jam with anybody

Many of my students came to me wanting to learn how to jam with other guitarists. I will walk you through an effective plan to not only be able to jam with other guitarists, but you’ll learn how to do it in any key and in any style you want.

Freedom over the fretboard

One of the big challenges students have faced before they started lessons with me is to be able to use the entire fretboard.

In the past, those students were taught scale positions and had a lot of trouble improvising freely in any key. In my lessons, you won’t be limited by set patterns and you will gain a greater understanding of the guitar fretboard.

My goal is to give you complete freedom over the fretboard.

Writing your own songs

Writing an instrumental or a song with lyrics like Gary Moore or Santana or Eric Clapton would is a fantastic achievement and it feels amazing to play your own songs on stage or to your friends and family.

Many of my students came to me with this goal and with every student I’ve helped them understand the secret to writing great instrumentals.

These are the things you can’t learn in a YouTube video. If you want to learn guitar and be able to do the above things and more, you’re going to want to book a lesson.

Contact Me now to talk about what you want to achieve and book in a lesson