ZOOM Lesson

Take guitar lessons from the comfort of your home!

Guitar lessons online allow learning from the comfort of your home or office. If you live a couple of hours away or around the world, get lessons with one of the top pros and teachers from New Orleans.

Online guitar lessons are for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Your lesson will a custom, step by step fun program to learn all the skills you need to play the songs you love.

Online guitar lessons for all ages

I worked with students as young as 6 and up to 82 years old, don’t let age stop you and be a barrier to you learning to play guitar.

Learn to play your favorite songs in the style of Blues, Rock, Country, Funk, Pop/Contemporary, Fingerstyle, and modern Worship.

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How do I get started with an online guitar lesson today?

Contact Me now to discuss what you want to achieve and he’s waiting to answer all your questions on the whole process of the online guitar lessons.