Sid Bardfield is has been a top guitar player and teacher in the New Orleans area for over 25 years. Sid teaches electric and acoustic guitar and bass. Mastering a variety of styles, Sid teaches Blues, Rock, Country, Pop, Funk, Fingerstyle and Modern Christian Worship music. My passion is to help everyone I come in contact with in lessons to learn play like they've always dreamed about.

guitar lessons for beginners

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Bass is the heartbeat of music, heartbeat of the band. The foundation of the groove. Not only heard but felt. What would Motown and many other songs sound like without the Bass line. Holds things together like glue. Links the Harmony (the chords) with the rhythm (the groove).

Songs are made up of chords and all the notes relate to the chords. As the chord progression moves along the notes change but relate to the chords as they come along. A Bass player sets up the chord for other players by choosing notes that lead smoothly from one chord to the next. Lock in with the drummer. Use a metronome to develop a great sense of time. Learn to create rhythms, where to place the notes for the groove in relation to the beat.Read More »